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About Us

Eldorado Park is a community approximately 25km south of Johannesburg Central, adjacent to communities such as Lenasia, Ennerdale and Orange Farm. Long known as the reserve of the so-called coloureds. The area has developed a notorious media reputation for being the home of car-jackers, drug lord, gangsters etc. many citizens in Eldorado Park are now entering the Education arena as equal playmakers to change this image and challenge the perception that Eldorado Park is a crime haven. It was with this idea in mind that Baitul ILM was established with the grace blessings of Allah SWT.

In 1995. A committee was formed to oversee the formation of an Islamic Pre-School & Nursery in Eldorado Park. When we humbly started Baitul Ilm our aspirations were that it should not just be a Pre-School but that one day we would be a fully fledged Islamic Institute imparting Deeni knowledge in all spheres of live Alhamdulillah with the grace and mercy of ALLAH Ta' ala in 1996 the doors of BAITUL ILM opened at the GREEN MASJID in Extension 2 Eldorado Park.

The logistics of such a venture was no easy task. In spite of many teething problems and with the blessing of ALLAH Ta'ala we were on our way in running an ISLAMIC institute boasting a fully fledged NURSERY, DAY CARE and PRE-SCHOOL in Eldorado Park.Since its inception and with the mercy of Allah S.W.T Baitul IIM has grown from ainto a fully fledged Pre-School, Academic School, Two Makthabs as well as nursery the Darul Uloom. With our Asaatiza showing much enthusiasm and great fervour we have continued to grow and expand. Alhamdulillah we have a roll of 350 learners who attend at Baitul ILM.This achievement is proudly flaunted as a victory over the dark forces of crime and social ills facing the community in Eldorado Park year after year






Modern Classes




To establish learning centres that can effectively see to the enrichment and upliftment of our community spiritually and physically

Hayatus Saalihah

Darul Uloom Hayatus Saalihah
81 Stockwell Road,Nancefield Estate,1813,
Principal : Moulana Abdul Wajied Kaldine
Cell: 083 416 7214 or 084 799 4917

Nursery And Pre-School

Baitul Ilm Nursery And Pre-School
42 Mapelaberg Street, Ext 1 Eldorado Park,
Tel :081 779 3013 or 081 781 0266
Principal : Amina Kaldine , Cell : 083 416 7214

Baitul Ilm School

Baitul Ilm School
81 Stockwell Road,Nancefield Estate,1813,
Principal Sumaya Dickonson
Cell : 078 968 4222


Main Centre 42 Mapelaberg Street , Eldorado Park , Ext 7
Principal: Amina Kaldine ,
Cell : 083 416 7214


Sub Centre 27 Michigan Avenue , Eldorado Park , Ext 7
Principal: Amina Kaldine ,
Cell : 083 416 7214