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Extra Curricular Activities

During the course of the year Baitul Ilm organized various activities of which the students of Darul Uloom participated in.

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Senior Citizens

The lunch for senior citizens was well attended Alhamdulilah.

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Baitul Ilm continues to operate a Qurbani programme for our community, Families are encouraged to slaughter and the proceeds to the venture goes towards the Madrassah.

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Youth Programme

We had various Madrassahs visiting the Darul Uloom and spending time with us We also attended various conferences, attended various programmes and joined the ladies in the area where Mastoorah Jamaats Came.

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Ramadhaan Programme

Soup kitchens in Ramadhaan went very well Alhamdulilah . Atleast 400 families were fed for iftaar everyday, we distributed clothes and groceries.Even the kiddies received their sweet parcels for eid.